24 March 2007

New Words to add to your vocabulary

I found three new words to add to the "Little Vocabulary Book" in one article of the venerable and authoritative Economist.

They are

  • febrile

  • assiduous

  • dirigiste

  • Call me daft, but what an adventure of discovery when I can do a "Google>define: *" search on the trusty mobile phone and get a near instantaneous definition while sitting in a cafe enjoying the good read.

    12 March 2007

    Negative Management Thought Part (whatever)

    If things are moving too fast for you.... you're not moving fast enough.

    The World is Flat! Tipping Point! Red Ocean! Argh!

    01 March 2007

    A very brief journey into Chinese Language and History

    (Alas, the wonders of the World Wide Web! Google and Wikipedia are your friends!)

    This is a great account of the history of the Qing Dynasty's flag and anthem The Cup of Solid Gold, and the The Tune of Li Zhongtang. More about the various Chinese Anthems here.

    The famous Song Dynasty general and patriot 岳飞 (Yue Fei) who wrote the poem 满江红 (Mǎn Jīang Hóng). This is written in relatively comprehensible Classical Chinese, a beautiful language which isn't exactly the most friendly. You can read about the good general in 文言文 on 文言維基大典...

    Yet there are always exceptions, and the 施氏食狮史 (The story of the poet Shi eating lions). Seriously, the poem itself (written by the poet 赵元任 to make a point) is eminently comprehensible on sight, but try reciting the poem out loud!


    切記: 丙戌年十二月十五 (公曆二千零六年二月二日),萬國氣候變更會(IPCC:「吾人所見氣候變更,當屬人為也。」