24 April 2007

Quantum physics says goodbye to reality

So.... if "reality does not exist when we are not observing it (Nature 446 871)", does it mean that if I ignore a problem long enough it'd go away by itself?

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of quantum mechanics.

04 April 2007

Court to Rule if Chimp has Human Rights

This is not an April Fool's joke.

While I am all for good and humane treatment of Animals, to apply Human Rights (see the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) on them might be just a tad too far. Examples being Articles 24 and 26. And also, with rights comes responsibilities: see Article 29.

What we need is a comprehensive set of Animal Rights that govern our relationship with them. In some cases, there should be protection at a level above what we grant to our fellow human beings... or five year old human beings. Maybe a modified version of the Rights of the Child for our closer hominid siblings?

And dolphins. Must not forget dolphins.